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Located at Fred's Camp off Perivale Road,Spring Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada.

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Updated 2009

About the Artist Fungus

I am a resident of Fred's Camp who has spent lots of time in the bush. looking for and harvesting undus and many other natural creations from Mother Nature. The fungus collected are between the ages of 4 and 18 years, many are left in the bush to continue growing. With all the travelling through the bush, some days I even get skunked by Mother Nature.

Often people confuse a mushroom species with a fungus speices, although they both can be traced from the same family... The particular fungus chosen for this art, I refer to as a "Wood want to be" ... because it has a lot of features of wood. The older the fungus does not always mean bigger ...depending of the breed of the fungus.

"If you can imagine it Mother Nature has already created it."

Mother Nature places a unique image on every unique fungus. It constantly amazes me on the spectrum of fungus, unique in texture, colour, shape, inner designs. Everyone a work of art all on its own. However fungus is not the only mediam I have worked on over the years from steel to class, wood to canvas, just about anything that stood still to long was painted from oils, accrilics to automotic air brushing. In the future I would like to plow glass, and in general play with fire and sand blasting, but one thing at a time.

"There are no two fungus alike!"

A little deeper into the Art

Turtle out of Shell

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A thumbs up for Mother Nature from BKLIII

Cat-flowers bush