Manitoulin Island Boating Adventure - The Kagawong Monster
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Looking for a way to enjoy Manitoulin Islands natural beauty?

We hope this web site will give you a little look at the beauty of lake Kagawong morning, noon or night, from the deck of the monster.

There are over 4,000 pictures posted roughly by year listed above, giving you an idea on how we use the Monster.

First lets understand the name of the Lake and the meaning behind the word Kagawong ... which is a Native word meaning mist rising or mist rising from the water, often mistaken for fog. A unique phenomena which happens a few times a year at any time day or night, due to Lake Kagawong being 100 feet above the surface of Lake Huron. The picture to the right was taken a little before noon.

The boat was designed and built for this lake. It drafts in less than a 12" of water, (it would float in your bath tube if it was big enough) and the outer deck is about a foot above the surface of the water. You are able to walk around freely with no no worries of rocking the boat

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