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Located at Fred's Camp off Perivale Road,Spring Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada.

Drop by and ask to see the Fungus Shop.

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The Fungus

This fungus is about 10 to 12 years and has many folds and additional grouths that have lots of charactor. The shading of lights and darks are natural including all extrusions.

This fungus is layered because of is regrowth after the tree had fallen, it has continued to grow, and is in its teens.

This fungus is a rare fungus, or is considered a rare find because of the frequency they are found. (not often). It is about 7 years old

The "Nesting Loon" in looking at the fungus natural contours and pumps and shadings in the "nested loon", is close to what mother nature has place on the face of the fungus

Rare Combination

Rare double fungus and double stone and wood.

Gardern Flowers

Garden Flowers

Whale Mother

Whale Mother

Nesting Loon

Nesting Loon