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Located at Fred's Camp off Perivale Road,Spring Bay, Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada.

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Updated 2009

Fungus Care Information

Artwork Owner'ss and Collectors.

First, I would like to thank everyone who have made a home for my art work, as you know how I feel about Nature and the amazing beauty and function she performs. And it is my wish that it reminds you of the very reason we are all here, the Greater/Mother nature's need to create, of which we are only a part of, not the master of... because there is one thing Mother nature has over us "TIME" ... spend it well, learn from Greater/Mother nature she is not the enemy, she it our friend. Sounds a little religious ...maybe it is... a little Manitou comes with every piece of art work.

Sooo ...please take care of your fungus, and all things it took to create it, and what it represents, if not, memories of Manitoulin Island is also a good reason ...Ha!

I hope and be privileged that are paths will cross again in this world ... and that all I gotta say about that!

Maintenance for your fungus is simple. As mentioned many times the fungus should be kept in a dry area, simple use a soft but firm brush, you can use an unused soft bristly tooth brush. Genitally brush the fungus all over, keeping your hands and fingers off the face of the fungus... you would only have to do this about 4 times in you entire life, you pick which four...Ha! Most of the art work is very low maintained and some can be occasionally used ...I think they call that ergonomics or some fancy word like that.


Thank You, stay safe...
...and take Time... you have no Time...
........Time is equal to everyone, throughout Time...
............however the length of Time is not!
" Time is equal to all, but not the length of Time"

email me any questions or comments


General Information

The fungus art is basically a petrified piece of wood, or heavy cork, so it will remain in the same condition when kept dry, warm or cool it don't matter, but dry it the thing.

The face of the fungus, where the artwork is done, is the main reproductive area of the living fungus. It is a fine and sensitive area and can absorb oils from your fingers if handled too often, so this is the side to take care of when handling the piece.



Two Turtles



Beaver Dam